Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mobile Scout Serial Numbers Decoded!

Previously I posted about the serial number, but it remains one of the most frequent questions I receive. Jim recently told me additional information about it.
All Mobile Scout trailers had a serial number on the roadside of the A frame. The number would look something like this: 64 MS 17SC 2222 all trailers had this basic format. The number described the year, brand name, floor plan, and number. Number was located on roadside just behind coupler.
(Roadside of the frame means underneath.) 

Another frequent question I receive is, "Is this a Mobile Scout?" Jim provided some very valuable information on this question, as well. The answer to that question is pretty easy to arrive at, based on the body style. While the door is a quick give-away, I've seen Mobile Scouts with replacement doors, and Mobile Scout doors that have made their way onto all manner of other types of trailers. 

The body style remained the same from 1956 through 1964; it's the "canned ham" sort of round front, sloped back that we all know and love. In 1965, a change was made to the shape to add a truck and more head room. That was built on through 1979. When looking at a trailer to see what kind it is, all the details tell the story: what do the sides look like around the wheels? Where are the windows, what size and style are they? 

What fun discovering the past stories of these beauties. 


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