Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mobile Scouts in Sisters on the Fly

Christi shares the story of how she came to have her Mobile Scout, "Dream Catcher."

We drove to a vintage car swap meet and nearby stopped in a town to get some oil for our vintage VW....and she was parked in a used RV lot for sale.. It was meant to be! The man had traded her in for a newer bigger model (his loss) and our gain! I'm a Sister on the Fly member and this is my sister trailer -

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Serial number? What? Where?

As far as we know, Mobile Scouts all have a serial number stamped on the metal tongue or trailer base somewhere. It starts with the two digit year, has a letter, and then a two digit number representing the length, then a four digit number which is unique to that series.

Ours is UNDER the camper. This one shown is stamped on top of the tongue.

Remember that back in the day, millions of these were not rolling off the line. They made hundreds, for sure, but nothing like the production of an RV company today.

The serial can also be found on a paper glued to the inside of the upper cabinet doors IF you have the original cabinets and IF someone has not removed that.

Or, thrown it away during the revamp, as we did. I KNEW I should have taken that door off and squirreled it away when I thought about it, before the hammers started flying. But I said I'd get it later. Don't put things off, kids!