Tuesday, October 20, 2015

MORE stickers on the way.

My apologies to those who have ordered in the past few weeks. I ran out of stickers, life got a little hectic, and I'm just now surfacing to deal with two Mobile Scout priorities:

1 - MORE stickers. Ordered and should be here in about ten days. I'll get all outstanding orders out within two days of getting the stickers.

2 - function of mobilescoutmadness.com domain. I have that domain registered for a good long time, yet at some point the domain redirect to this blog ceased to work. Which is, of course, just freakin' lovely given it's that domain name that's on the stickers. I spoke to my host today, who helped me fix the issue, and they said it should be propogated around the globe in 24-48 hours.

Keep on posting your finds, projects, and experiences in the discussion forum.

I love it when people send me emails with their lovely projects and canned hams on the road -- but would really prefer if you share with the world! I know I'm not the only one that enjoys seeing what others are doing.

Much love to you all, and your little campers, too!

-- Amy