Thursday, March 7, 2013

Very exciting news!

2013 has certainly started off with a bang here at Mobile Scout Madness. As I look out my window at a beautiful sunny day (about two weeks before the first day of spring, can't get too excited yet), I'm thinking of warm breezes through the camper as we're out at one of our favorite spots.

The past few weeks, I was contacted by a gentleman who worked for Mobile Scout, and no doubt had a part to play in the creation of many of the vintage beauties I and the readers of this blog are caring for. You won't believe the photos he's dug up for me. I'll be sharing those shortly. Stay tuned!

And another person has a family member who is a past employee. More glimpses into history may be coming from there, too.

THANK YOU to those who have contacted me, and taken time to dig up photos and share information. And a plea to anyone else out there who may have information (even if it's just an old document that came with your original 1950's or 1960's Mobile Scout). An image or a scan can create something which lasts a long time! Never hesitate to email me.

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