Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A new beauty in the works!

Shortly after making my "spring" post, I received a fantastic story from Jerry. He and his wife, Kristy, have a great story of how they recently came to have their own Mobile Scout!

Driving to and from work, I spotted a canned ham trailer hidden in the weeds behind a vacant house on a rural road and always was drawn to it as I passed by (I love vintage stuff). I finally stopped and asked a neighboring home owner if they could give me any information about the owner of the vacant home and trailer and they gave me a last name.
The name was unusual enough, I had success in locating the owner through the phone book for that area. When I called and asked about the camper the guy gave a long story of a friend of his son who owed money and gave it as payment. The camper was neglected and needed much work. I asked if he would be interested in selling it and worked a price of $100 out of him. He said he didn't have a title and there were no markings on the trailer. He thought it might be home-made. I put tires on it and my wife and I pulled it home, wires and weeds dragging. Luckily we didn't see any cops... ha. The guy never cashed the check...
I looked all over the camper and couldn't find any nameplate or other info... but it has a triangle window on the door with the gasket and glass missing. I love that characteristic.
I've looked all over the net and finally this week, found out it's a Mobile Scout... it has to be. It looks just like pictures I've seen in your blog except all of my windows are two piece louvered glass instead of several pieces like yours... but I can now google "Mobile Scout" and come up with the same pictures. Wow, what an exciting time I'm having.
We totally have to redo the trailer, but that's ok and we're looking forward to it.
I am writing because I am hoping you can steer me to a site or source where I can properly identify the year. I would also like to be able to get a title for it. My wife and I named it TOD... (trailer of dreams). We look forward to using it and pulling it to meets with our '59 Chevy Apache truck (another project).
This morning, I've visited the neat site of Vintagetrailersupply.com and have already found a gasket for my triangle opening in the door! I look forward to bringing the trailer to life.
I'm very excited about this and look forward to sharing more stories and info along the way. I didn't know how to use the blog but will spend more time and learn. Currently, the server I'm useing has filtered and disabled some features against me.
Sorry this is lengthy... but thanks for any help or info you can provide. BTW I love your Mobile Scout!
Thanks for sharing this, Jerry and Kristy, and I look forward to seeing your progress, however that comes about. I love seeing these beauties come back to life. Thanks so much for writing, and check back again often!

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