Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to discern the year of your Mobile Scout?

Many Mobile Scout owners ferret their little darling out of a back lot of some property and there are no papers, little known history, etc. Our Mobile Scout had two helpful tellers of its story.

The cabinets were all original, and on the inside of the upper right cabinet against the outside (over the stove) was a pasted page that showed the unit's model number and year. And if that is missing, you can find the year as part of the VIN, which is welded into the underside of the tongue. So get out your flashlight, lay on your back, and get looking! You need to get under there to see what shape the undercarriage is in, anyway!

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  1. I have a 50's Mobile Scout and am also a Sister On The Fly. I didn't restore mine to original condition but went with my own taste. I found mine in a old trailer park for $200.00. It was such a mess that I almost salvaged her for the aluminum. Glad I didn't. I live in Ft. Worth, Tx and the Mobile Scouts were made real close in Arlington. I have came across several people that worked at the factory but didn't keep their names. I had to replace windows...even the triangle in the door. For those that have questions....my email is honie492001@yahoo.com....I might be able to answer....you never know.


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