Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beautifully restored Mobile Scout going on eBay.

This is a uniquely beautiful restoration. As I type the bid is $7350, and the listing notes the reserve price has not yet been met.


A number of details on the outside and inside make this a pricey restoration.

This summer, I think I've gotten more questions about what a trailer, restored or otherwise, is worth. With vintage items like this, the answer is never easy. It boils down to -- whatever the market will bear. As there are only a small number of people interested in vintage campers, relatively, you might post a camper in one state for a price and have no one interested, while in another state you'd have people fighting over the same camper posted at twice the price.

Restoring campers will be, for most of us, a labor of love. It's not about the money.

So what is this camper worth? Whatever you're willing to pay to get it.

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