Monday, July 14, 2014

What's a vintage camper worth?

People often ask what their camper is worth. Or, what would be a good price for the camper they see sitting out in the field under a tree, so they can start trying to talk the owner into selling it to them for a deal?

That question is very difficult to answer. There is no blue book for vintage campers. Also, the truth lies not so much in the make, model and year of the camper, but rather what type of condition it is in, and how much work (and of what type) someone will have to put into it.

And overall -- something is worth as much as someone else is willing to pay for it. And sometimes, even if you double that, the person who has it isn't interested in selling it. :)

I've heard stories of people being PAID to tow an old, dilapidated old canned ham camper off a property, and after putting $3000 and hundreds of hours into restoration, selling the camper for $6000.

Most stories are very similar to ours: you have no idea what you are doing, and you somehow fall in love with a camper that doesn't look too bad, she just needs a little work. So you shell out $1500, and once you start peeling back the inside paneling you realize the entire thing has to be taken down to the deck and all redone. So, untold amounts of money and hours of blood, sweat and tears later, you end up with a lovely little camper you wouldn't part with for any amount of money. (We have people stop by many times a year as we're in the yard and ask if they can buy our camper. Nope!)

But, just for your curiosity, here is an adorable little Mobile Scout which went on eBay recently.

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