Sunday, May 18, 2014

And out go the first sticker mailings!

Stickers will be mailed out once a week, on Sundays. Having six people order stickers already is awesome -- we're a small bunch, and this is a great response. :) While supplies last, those who order the NEW stickers will receive two of the smaller, older stickers for free as well. Woo hop! ;) 


  1. Hi Amy!

    I thought I purchased a set of the stickers through PayPal. Could you check and see if you received payment for a mail delivery to Boerne, TX?



    1. Debbie, please email me at amy.youngleith at with the email address you used to order/pay with. I'll look them up!

  2. My email is and I ordered 2 sets. Just started on what I belive to be a 63 model 17' cab over. It has been sitting on a deer lease for the last 25+ years. If you would like pics, email above addy and I will send some.
    It is pretty bad off at present. But going to get it fixed up ASAP.
    Thanks & God Bless: Maynard Carnes


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