Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring is in the air, and camping fever is starting to spread.

As spring blooms, people's interest and activity around camping grows as well! The blog is generating more emails with questions, pics of beautiful Mobile Scouts, and more!

Look what I found on eBay today! And no, I haven't bid on it. ;)

1962 Mobile Scout in Pearl, MS

Interestingly, it looks like a Mobile Scout, but the plaque inside shows it was manufactured by Contempori Mobile Homes in Arlington, TX.

Mobile Scout Mfg was also in Arlington, TX (as were many, many other manufacturers). From all I've learned, the industry back in that time was just bustling. Shops were opening, closing, merging frequently. Staff jumped from the larger manufacturers to open their own shops, sometimes taking a few of the tricks they'd learned with them.

Even some of the people working in the industry find it difficult to determine just what type an unknown unit is.

Not to mention, in the years that has passed since then, renovation projects may have hidden or changed existing distinctions, or mixed and matched a little -- I've seen a few triangle windows that were on things which were CLEARLY not a Mobile Scout.

This one's a mystery; it looks like a Mobile Scout for the most part... but... Contempori? The serial number isn't in the usual format as a Mobile Scout. The wheel cut-outs are wrong. The door handle is on the opposite side of the door compared to what I usually see.

What do you see? Do you know anything about Contempori Mobile Homes? Help fill in the blanks!

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  1. Big Mobile Scout fan. Just restored & sold our 1st one. "71 module 12'. Just looked at an 18 footer & not sure if it is a Mobile Scout. Dont know how to blog. 1st time so not sure how to send you a pic. Let me know & ill send you some.


Don't forget, if you have a Mobile Scout, let me know! Send me some pics of your little camper.