Friday, June 15, 2012

Vintage Mobile Scout stickers coming soon!

Some time ago I recreated the Mobile Scout logo as seen in the advertising materials I'd found, including a bumper sticker. I've shared that graphic file with people freely, but am almost always asked, "Don't you just have a sticker I could buy?"

Well the answer to that very soon will be, "Yes." I am having vinyl stickers printed and cut as we speak! They will be available very soon, and I'll post how to get your very own on the blog when they are in my hot little hands.

The sticker is designed to give props to this blog, THE place for Mobile Scout information. But, if you don't want that, it's also designed so you can quickly snip off the tag that has the blog URL. But please don't. But I won't stop you. ;-)

The stickers are 4" wide.

Vintage Mobile Scout Travel Trailers

I hope you're as excited as I am.

Also coming soon will be another logo version, as submitted by a reader!


  1. I recently was in Arlington...2110 W. Division is no longer Mobile Scout home and has not been for many years. I am sure I have a Mobile Scout because of the triangle window but I can not find the numbers anywhere on the frame. I think it is pre-' I send pics in this space or attach? Where do I start with the rehab...door for safety, electrical...? I hate the panneling so that will come down forsure. Suzi

  2. I have a 1959 Mobile Scout too! Here is my blog that I started for my renovation!!

  3. I've recently purchased a 12' Mobile Scout and have begun doing research to restore with integrity! I'm pretty much in love!!!


Don't forget, if you have a Mobile Scout, let me know! Send me some pics of your little camper.