Sunday, May 20, 2012

Today we were stalkers. Camper stalkers.

While out and about today, my husband and I spotted a canned ham style camper a few cars in front of us. We both yelped with delight as it turned the corner and we saw the traditional Mobile Scout graphics and details on the side. Crossing our fingers that the driver would head to a gas station for a break, we followed him. And... we followed him for quite a while. We were stalking, for sure. Off the main road. Into neighborhoods. Turn left, left, left... then back onto the main road we were originally on.

Was he trying to shake us?

Then off the main road again, just one block further than before. This time he wove back around to a Wal-Mart. We pulled up beside him and chatted for a bit. He showed us his camper, and we learned about Rollin' Oldies Vintage Campers, a group in the area that had just had a camping weekend with 40 campers in attendance.

We're going to get in touch and try to get connected with some others!

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