Thursday, October 28, 2010

Serial number? What? Where?

As far as we know, Mobile Scouts all have a serial number stamped on the metal tongue or trailer base somewhere. It starts with the two digit year, has a letter, and then a two digit number representing the length, then a four digit number which is unique to that series.

Ours is UNDER the camper. This one shown is stamped on top of the tongue.

Remember that back in the day, millions of these were not rolling off the line. They made hundreds, for sure, but nothing like the production of an RV company today.

The serial can also be found on a paper glued to the inside of the upper cabinet doors IF you have the original cabinets and IF someone has not removed that.

Or, thrown it away during the revamp, as we did. I KNEW I should have taken that door off and squirreled it away when I thought about it, before the hammers started flying. But I said I'd get it later. Don't put things off, kids!


  1. Can you tell me where, under the camper, it is located? I can't find a number like this on the tongue of my camper. Thank you!

  2. Most people find them on the roads of the tongue or front part of the frame. Look closely over the entire frame, however, because I'm not sure there was a specific standard for location.

    And, alas, if areas have been worked or replaced, you may not find one. But chances are... it's there.

    Make sure your camper is solidly stable, (wheel chocks, etc.) and get on your back on the ground. Take a flashlight and a rag, and work your way from the point of the tongue back. (Remember, don't rub off a spot directly over your face, because guess where the dirt you knock off is going to go!?)

    This is something I'd recommend everyone do with a newly acquired camper, or one you are considering buying, as a good way to check for any issues in the metal frame, or the flooring!


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